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Joyetech Vape Tanks

Joyetech Vape Tanks

Joyetech Vape Tanks, Clearomisers & Atomisers

Joyetech have a passion for originality and is one of our favourite brands. Their tank technology adopts innovative leak resistant cup design, great airflow control and features sleek and practical designs for both the sub-ohm and above ohm vapers. Joyetech offers the the exclusive TFTA-Tank (top filling and top airflow tank) in some of their products that allows the top section and coil to be removed as one solid unit.

The Coil replacement and juice fill is carried out by removing the top section from the cup, which Vapestreams particularly like, and offer a range of tank styles including Procore Aries, Procore SE and Cubis 2. Vapestreams have a great collection of Joyetech products in their collection, and if your total store order is over £20, your delivery is free.

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