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Making the Switch to Vaping

Posted on December 18, 2019

Making The Switch To Vaping

Most smokers want to quit smoking but they fail because they use the wrong approach. One of the most effective ways to ditch the habit involves replacing tobacco products with nicotine products.

You can reduce the adverse effects of tobacco by switching from smoking to vaping.

Although making the change doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you will successfully quit smoking, it makes the process manageable. If you want to switch from smoking to vaping, here are a few things you need to know.

Will You Save Money By Switching To Vaping?

The upfront cost scares most people who want to transition from smoking to vaping. A pen-type vaporizer ranges from £12 to £75. The cost is higher if you choose the full-fledged mod. You also need to buy e-liquid containing nicotine and the desired flavour.

Although the price varies, you will not spend much on the “juice.”

The initial cost of switching to vaping is high, but you will pay less over time than you spent on real cigarettes. You can also buy a single-use e-cigarette for about £4 to use for a few days.

Components of E-Cigarettes

Most e-cigs consists of four main parts:

  • The cartridge, pod, or reservoir – This is the component that holds the liquid containing nicotine and flavorings.
  • Power source – This is a tiny battery that powers the e-cigarette
  • Atomizer – This is simply a heating element that transforms the liquid into vapour.
  • Mouthpiece – It is the component that you use to inhale the vapour.

E-cigarettes are significantly different but they use the same concept. When you puff, the battery-powered atomiser changes the e-liquid in the pod to vapour. And you inhale the vapour generated from this process.

Try Out Different E-Liquids

You will find hundreds of e-liquids with varying flavours on the market today, and choosing one can be difficult.

It is advisable to start with a pack of sample e-liquids and test them out to identify the one that gives you the satisfaction you want. You can experiment with crazy flvours like strawberry, bubble gum, tobacco, mint and everything in between.

Select a Simple Mod

It is best to start with the basic form of e-cigarette if you want to escape tobacco cigarettes. Once you find your vaping feet, you can switch to a complicated mod to look cool.

E-cigs are quite complicated if you don’t know what you want, and this could ruin your overall experience. But once you find the right kit and e-liquid, vaping is fun, uncomplicated, cheaper and less harmful to your health.

Choose The Right Nicotine Strength

When switching to vaping, buy e-liquid that is neither too strong nor too weak. If it is too strong, you might feel sick and struggle with a headache. If it is too soft, you are likely to crave a real cigarette.

Heavy smokers, who smoke 20 or more cigs, should use 18mg of nicotine e-liquid. Medium smokers should use 12mg nicotine e-juice while the light smokers, who smoke less than ten cigarettes daily, need 3mg of nicotine juice. You can reduce the amount gradually if you want to quit eventually.

We Have the Right Starter Kit

At Vapestreams, we are dedicated to offering the best vaping supplies in the UK and beyond. We want to make it easy for you to switch from smoking to vaping with the right starter kit. Our extensive market research has helped us identify the best vaping hardware and over 2,000 e-liquids. Buy a quality starter kit here.

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