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Beginners Guide To Vaping

Step by step guide to vaping

Here at Vapestreams, we want all of our customers to be provided with the best knowledge on vaping, e-cigarettes and everything surrounding the sector. Here we have put together the ultimate guide for everything related to one of the UK’s biggest and fastest growing trends, vaping.

What Is Vaping?

Vaping is the term used to describe inhaling and exhaling of vapour produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device by heating up flavoured liquids. The flavoured Eliquids can be nicotine free, with measured doses of nicotine or can be mixed to the user’s preference by using specially designed shortfill bottles.


Vaping Glossary

New To Vaping? Learn the Language and Communicate with Fellow Vapers on Forums, Chat Rooms, Social Media, the Internet and in the Vapestreams Vape Lounge by reading our handy guide to the language of Vape.


AFC – This stands for air flow control. Found in atomizers and clearomizers/tanks to alter the drag (dial or screw-shaped)
Airflow – Amount of air sucked in by vaper
Allen Key or Wrench – Wrench used for Allen screws in a rebuildable atomizer or tank
Atomizer – The area that holds the coil and wick, which is heated to produce vapor
Automatic – Activated by a sensor which detects when the user draws from an e-cig
Box Mod – APV in the shape of a box, available in either mechanical or variable order
Bridge – Are where e-liquid is located in atomizer
Cloud Chasing – The act of exhaling large, voluminous clouds. This sometimes occurs at competitions hosted at vaping events and shops. You can find some of the best e-liquids for cloud production here on our website.
Custom Mod – A handmade APV or PV
Deck – The area where positive and negative posts are found on an atomizer
Drip (Dripping) – Refilling an atomizer by dripping e-liquid right onto the coil
Drip Shield – External cover on the outside of an atomizer to catch dripping e-liquid
Drip Tip – Replaces the mouthpiece of a regular atomizer to create a space that makes dripping possible without having to remove the atomizer
Drip Well – Space near the connector that catches dripping e-juice
Filler Material – Used inside of cartomizers and cartridges, it absorbs and holds the e-juice, which then makes it’s way to the atomizer for heating
Genesis Atomizer – Uses steel mesh to transport juice via osmosis
Heatsink – Layers designed to cool the vape quickly
High Resistance – High ohm rating, strains the battery less than LR
LR (Low Resistance) – Low ohm rating, produces a large amount of vapour, but the battery burns out much more quickly
mAh – The ability of the battery to store energy. If the mAh is high, the long the life expectancy of the battery before it need to be recharged
Manual – Pressing a button to produce vapor rather than simply inhaling
Mechanical Mod – Foregoing wires or regulating chips, this mech PV has a metal tube with a manual switch to complete the circuit
mg – This stands for milligram strength per milliliter. Determines how much nicotine is in the juice
Ohm – The unit of measurement used for electrical resistance. A lower ohm reading for coils means hotter and thicker vapor, while a higher ohm reading means cooler vapes
Parallel – Wiring with a double battery as parallel increases the battery life of a mod and increases the mAh as well
Propylene Glycol (PG) – One of the two ingredients used in juices, used in everyday food products
RBAs – Also known as rebuildable atomizers. RBAs can taken apart and reassembled–another endeavor taken on by more advanced vapers
RDAs – Also known as rebuildable dripping atomizer. This is a modified atomizer that is not connected to a tank. Instead the vaper refills by adding a few drops of eLiquid directly onto the heating technology. It is more difficult to refill these atomizers, but some believe it delivers a more concentrated taste.
Rebuildables – Users are able to build coils and wicks for themselves using these atomizers or tanks. You can change out wicks, alter resistance and customize your vape easier with rebuildables
Resistance – The build of the coil determines how much resistance in a vape, which is measured in ohms
Silica – Often used as a material for wicks
Starter Kit – This is the beginner’s guide to vaping, bundled together to make the beginning of your vaping journey smoother: usually includes an e-cig, an atomizer, and a charger, with supplementary cartridges.
Steeping – Similar to tea steeping, sometimes allows the juices to become sweeter upon settling.
Sub-ohming – Using coils below 1.0 ohm to produce a warmer vape and therefore more vapour outfits, commonly used by more experienced vapers
Tailpipe – Unfiltered dripping and inhaling
Triple Coil – Produces a vast amount of vapour, but battery life suffers
Vaper – Someone who uses vapes/e-cigarettes
Vegetable Glycerol or Glycerine (VG) – The other ingredient used to make e-juice aside from PG
Voltage Drop – A reduction in power
VW or Variable Wattage – Allows users to adjust wattage to their liking
Wick – Can be created from silica, stainless steel mesh, organic cotton and ceramic. This carries the e-juice and ensures the e-liquid is heated without leaks



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