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A Guide to Vaping While Traveling

Posted on February 19, 2020

A Guide To Vaping While Traveling

Vaping can be a stand-by social activity for many people. But when you go travelling, you might not know where and how to vape. There are different rules in different areas, especially when you go through airports and certain well-travelled routes. Here are some things you should know if you want to take your vaping kit on the road.

Carry-On Only Worldwide

For fire safety, e-cigs and other vaping devices must be carried on. Be sure to check with each individual airline about whether or not the device is allowed on their flights. You will need to check that your liquid meets the carry-on size and packaging as well.

Some airlines require that lithium-ion batteries be removed prior to flight. Be sure to check.

Smoke in Designated Areas

In the UK, for example, you cannot vape in the airport. There is a designated smoking area outside the airport, so make sure you take the time to smoke well before the flight boards.

There are some countries that outlaw vaping. Usually, you only have to surrender your kit if your final destination doesn’t allow vaping. Make sure to check with the information desk and online if you’re not sure of the international law.

Setting Off Alarms

Be sure to keep your e-cig off during flights. Don’t go in the bathroom to sneak a puff, because the alarms are extremely sensitive. If you set off the alarms, you’ll be embarrassed and have a good-sized fine to pay.

Likewise, hotels are varied in their vaping policy. Make sure to check with information about whether vaping is allowed, because if it’s not, the alarms will likely be set to ultra-sensitive.  No one wants to set off hotel fire alarms on vacation!

Treat Your Vaping Kit with Care

Some basic travel guidelines for kits:

  • Make sure to buy the best liquid you can before your trip. Not all areas have high-quality liquid.
  • Empty the clearomiser before you fly to reduce leakage due to cabin pressure.
  • Don’t leave the liquid out in the sun.
  • Disconnect the batteries from your kit so that nothing accidentally activates during flight.
  • Be aware that there are different views on smoking around the world. Enjoy yourself!

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